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Look who just joined the twitterverse.

I just made an account @AnimeFriendMimi.

If you follow me, I’ll follow you. :)



I’ve been looking for a new anime to start watching so I asked some of my friends and some ppl her on tumblr.

This is what my friends said:

black butler

one piece

baka and test

fruits basket

soul eater

Animes suggested by ppl on tumbler



fate stay night

my goddess

death note

Any other suggestions. Keep in mind that I like mostly funny anime.

Well if you really like funny anime, I suggest you watch this:


Baka and Test. It’s so hilarious, though I have to warn you. Once you finish watching the first episode, you’ll probably end up watching the whole first season in one sitting. Happened to me. :)  At the moment, I am waiting anxiously for season 3. I hope there will be one.

<3 Natsu & Happy <3
Nothing separates a salamander from his flying/talking cat buddy. :)

<3 Natsu & Happy <3

Nothing separates a salamander from his flying/talking cat buddy. :)

One of my most favorite moves. I’ve seen it so many times that I lost count. Scott is such a cutie. :)

fun with Akinator.com

There’s this awesome website called akinator.com which plays a guessing game with you. I have to say it’s pretty good at guessing. It guessed some things I thought it never could guess.

Things that Akinator.com guessed correctly:


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<3 Anime <3

These are my current favorites:


Rosario + Vampire


and Ouran High School Host Club

…and of course, my all time favorite anime:

<3 Serial Experiments Lain <3

(of course there are others I like: ah my goddess, cowboy bebop, elfen lied, and chobits  to name a few) :-)

Skyrim Character Picspam - WEEEE!!!!

Violet, a teenager character that I’ve been playing lately, hates everybody pretty much equally; but the one group of people she hates most are the nobility of Skyrim. After being rejected from joining the stormcloaks because of her young age, Violet sets her sights on a new goal, joining the dark brotherhood and becoming an elite assassin. Her specialty is the trowing knives. She is so good at using these kind of weapons she can cut leaves in half as they fall from trees. She’s also a fair alchemist, but she mainly focuses on the harmful side of alchemy. Using special poisons to fill the bombs she throws at her enemies.

Enough backstory, now random picspam….


This is Violet (aka Violet the Slayer) :)


She’s really good at being stealthy. You never know where to find her. She’s always ready to strike at whoever comes her way.


She’s currently on a mission to kill Bryling, who has repeatedly gotten on Violet’s bad side by making demeaning comments and calling her a “lowly commoner”.


Violet quickly throws a dwemer throwing knife at Brying as she enters the   Blue Palace. It hits her right in the throat.


Violet raising a toast to the death of another Noble. Her mission finally accomplished. Next on her list is an old witch who set her on fire when she was visiting Whiterun.


That had to hurt.  Anyways, Violet doesn’t mind tooting her own horn.


Because she knows she’s a really good assassin. Well, that’s all for now.


See ya later!

Randomview - Postponed

Just to let those who were following Randomize Pleasantview know. I haven’t been updating because of video card problems. I have ordered a video card, and will continue the series whenever I get it installed.

Random Skyrim Picspam:  My elf huntress character Nicola enjoying the view.

Random Skyrim Picspam:  My elf huntress character Nicola enjoying the view.

Aging in Skyrim

Aging is possible in skyrim if you know how to do it. Here is how I aged my character from child to elder.

Child Mimi (Using HIgher Magic Child Character mod)

Teen Mimi (using player.setscale console command)

Adult Mimi:

Elder Mimi: